Reading Strategies Program
Learn about the neuroscience behind your reading strategies, while contributing to research.
Research Participation
Reading Strategies Program

What is this program about?
This program aims to understand reading strategies in young adults with and without histories of dyslexia (a.k.a. reading disorder/disability [RD]).

What is involved?
• Visits to UConn Storrs campus BIRC (Phillips Bldg.)
• Participate in safe, non-invasive brain imaging sessions
• Receive cognitive/language/reading assessments, and answer questionnaires

Benefits to You:
• Compensation of $12/hour – Earn up to $150 plus
reimbursement of travel (if needed)
• Report of your neuropsychological assessments
• Opportunity to get a free picture of your brain
• You will help contribute to a better understanding of reading and dyslexia
• Free professional development or student seminar of your choice about learning disabilities, dyslexia, promoting resilience and compensatory skills
• Potential internship opportunities available

Please see the attached pdf for more information. To Sign Up click HERE.

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