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Help Discover the Cause of Dyslexia!

We are recruiting adults (19-45 years of age) with a family or personal history of language problems. The study is conducted at UCSF and Stanford sites (travel expenses will be reimbursed) and involves at least three visits. Participation involves cognitive and behavioral testing and brain imaging using safe, non-invasive MRI and MEG scans that do not use X-rays or radiation. You will recieve an MRI image of your brain, an honorarium and have access to ongoing updates about the outcomes of the study.

Our hope is to further our understanding of the cause of dyslexia and related disorders. It is a comprehensive study using several of the latest brain imaging technologies.

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Intergenerational Neuroimaging

This innovative study tests a novel and fundamental question that has not been addressed before: “Are human brain circuitries similar in parent-offspring dyads, and if so does it result from a heritable process, pre or postnatal environment, or as a complex interaction between these processes?” We believe that answering this question will provide us with essential information about the evolutionary basis of the human brain, pathophysiology of brain-based diseases and clues to developing early and preventive interventions of these diseases.

We are inviting biological (regular) families, IVF families and adoptive families to participate in brain scans and paper pencil tests. Click to participate:

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Bilingual Program

We are currently offering an exciting and limited opportunity at no cost for families with incoming kindergarteners. If your child is eligible, we will monitor progress of your child’s language, cognitive and motivational skills in detail every year from kindergarten to third grade, and provide information about strategies to (and in some cases tools that may) strengthen them. We are offering this opportunity for children who are planning to go to SFUSD Spanish or Cantonese immersion programs (or General Ed English programs). More broadly, we hope that the findings from this study will be helpful in planning better instruction for bilingual children.

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UCSF Dyslexia Program

The mission of the UCSF Dyslexia Program is to eliminate the debilitating effects of developmental dyslexia while preserving and even enhancing the relative strengths of each individual. In addition, we aim to develop best practice protocols to implement individually catered interventions in classrooms throughout the country.

Learn about opportunities to participate in research to help improve diagnosis and tools for people with dyslexia.

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