UCSF Learning Success Program

UCSF Learning Success Program

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Our Mission

Improving instruction for all readers

Learning to read is one of the most important and powerful skills children acquire for success later in life. The process of learning to read is not well understood, especially for children who speak more than one language. Our research team at the University of California, San Francisco is seeking to address this using cutting edge neuroscience technology.

We ultimately hope to help teachers develop instructional strategies to maximize children’s success in the classroom and beyond. We also hope that the findings from this study will not only help your child, your family and your school, but will also help in planning better general education and dual-language immersion instruction.

The UCSF Learning Success Program is an exciting opportunity to stay up-to-date with your child's academic (reading and math) and cognitive (self-control, attention, memory) skills, which are critical to future success, every year for three years.

Benefits for Parents

What will my child do?

Community Benefits

In addition to the cutting-edge research in our lab, we have a commitment to the continued development of Bay Area schools and PTAs, particularly the schools in the SFUSD. To affirm this commitment, we have pledged to support training in socio-emotional learning, learning disability, multilingualism and biology/neuroscience. Through a school-wide or PTA partnership with our program we:


To be eligible your child must be either:

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