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Calender of brainLens’ Seminar Series and other neuroscience talks in the Bay area.

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Stanford University Neuroimaging Talks Hosted by the Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging (CNI)
Tuesdays at 8:00am

Stanford Talks compiles seminars and events hosted at the Stanford campus and archives them for access to the local community. Featured talks include the CNI Inaugural Event, The Stanford Symposium on Biomedical Imaging hosted by the Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering (SCIEN), and selected talks from the Center for Mind, Brain, and Computation (MBC) and the Stanford Department of Psychology.

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Psychiatry Grand Rounds
Tuesday’s at 8AM

This Grand Rounds seminar gives researchers an opportunity to present their work in the auditorium of Langley Porter Psychiatry Institute (LPPI), on the Parnassus campus of UCSF. The seminar happens once a week, on Tuesday mornings, 8am-9am and is usually followed by a discussion. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, contact the coordinator
Astrid Prackatzsch.

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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds
2nd Friday of every month at 12:00PM

The Child Grand Rounds seminar hosts researchers in the area of child psychiatry who give talks about their work in the auditorium of Langley Porter Psychiatry Institute, first floor.

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Autism and Neurodevelopment Program Journal Club
Fridays at 10-11AM

Weekly joint meetings of clinicians and researchers at UCSF interested in autism. They alternate between case review, research presentation, journal club and recruitment for studies. They are currently held Fridays at 10am at LPPI, third floor, room LP-371.

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